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Indigenous Awareness Campaign

NMI Launches Campaign to Help Remote Indigenous Communities Get What They Pay For

A new campaign to raise awareness of accurate trade measurement practices will help people in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities get what they pay for.

NMI launched the campaign on 18 May 2015 to introduce people in remote communities to their rights and responsibilities under trade measurement law.

The campaign consists of:

  • a launch event held in Darwin on 18 May.
  • two community awareness posters and a ‘taring’ educational poster for community store managers/employees.
  • a radio campaign with community announcements in 10 Indigenous languages and English that will be broadcast nationally for a six week period via Indigenous partner radio networks, expected to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.
  • information featured in the program booklet of Supply Nation’s Indigenous Businesses Trade Show, Connect 2015.

In the lead up to the campaign, NMI distributed posters to 500 locations in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around Australia.

NMI’s Trade Measurement Inspectors will also reiterate the campaign’s messages during follow-up community visits, to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traders are informed about their business responsibilities. These include ensuring customers are not charged for the packaging of weighed products and that petrol bowsers are accurately measuring fuel dispensed.

Help us spread the message! You can share these educational posters by downloading and printing them from below:

Download a copy of the posters

Customers pay for the product not the packaging:

*If you would like to receive hard copy versions of these posters, please contact us by  calling 1300 686 664 or emailing, and we will mail them to you.

Listen to the radio community announcements

Below are a range of radio community announcements we developed to educated Indigenous traders about their responsibilities when selling measured products and Indigenous customers when buying these products. Options 1 and 4 are customer-focused announcements and Options 2 and 3 are trader-focused announcements.

Text versions of the English audio files are available: