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Chemical Metrology Research

NMI continually develops new reference methods for chemical measurements and characterises reference materials to act as calibration standards.


Impedance and Resistance Research

Research is underway to develop improved resistance standards based on the the quantum Hall effect at ac, to improve the calibration chain relating resistance to capacitance, and to provide 1 ohm standard resistors of exceptional electrical stability.


Mass and Related Quantities Research

Research supports the measurement of density, flow, force, hygrometry, mass, pressure, viscometry and volume.


Length and Related Quantities Research

Research activities are being undertaken to develop improved laser wavelength standards and to provide traceability for coordinate measuring machines.


Low Frequency Electrical and Magnetic Quantities Research

Research is being undertaken to develop improved standards for voltage, power and energy.


Photometry and Radiometry Research

Recent research has concentrated on establishing a cryogenic radiometer as the Australian standard for the candela.


Power Systems Research

Current research is focussed on high-voltage measurement systems, high-voltage insulation, impulse voltage measurement systems and applied dielectrics.


Temperature Research

Recent research has been directed towards improving the accuracy of the temperature scale, developing thermocouples with greater accuracy and investigating the use of thermoluminescence to measure high temperatures.


Time and Frequency Research

Our research is centred on dissemination of time and frequency signals and is focused on three key techniques: NTP, GPS time-transfer and optical fibre.


Bioanalysis Research

We develop infrastructure to improve accuracy and comparability in biological measurement (e.g. DNA methylation and quantification using digital PCR) and undertake collaborative projects, contract research and commercial analysis.


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