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National Measurement Institute

Indicative Project

Making sense of nanoparticple measurements - Improve data handling, processing and analysis

Background Info

Nanotechnology relies on our ability to characterise, understand and manipulate matter at the nanometre scale. The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) is an enabling tool for all of these fundamental tasks.

NMI’s scanning probe microscopy laboratory develops and maintains unique state-of-the-art AFM instrumentation and methodology for measurements of dimensions of nanoscale objects that are traceable to the SI metre. This traceability ensures that measurements are comparable to each other and give industry and researchers confidence in the accuracy of the results.

The requirements for ultimate accuracy of nanoscale measurements place very high demands on the performance of the AFM instrumentation, and NMI is developing unique solutions to meet these demands, including an ultra-stable metrological Scanning Probe Microscope (mSPM).

Project Description

Develop and implement a software error mapping model for the three-dimensional motion of the sample translation stage in NMI’s mSPM.

Apply the model to displacement data obtained by laser interferometry to correct the motion stage errors and to determine the contribution of stage motion and alignment to the uncertainty of mSPM length measurements.

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Electrical Engineering, ICT, Nanotechnology, Physics, Science, Software Engineering

Student Level

3rd Year, Honours, Masters


3 to 6 months


Lindfield (NSW)



Desirable Skills

Skills in statistics, scripting, and workflow automation and experience with MS Ofice and VBA, Origin, R, GTK.


Bakir Babic

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