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Indicative Project

Food-borne virus method development and validation

Background Info

​Recent outbreaks of food-borne viruses such as Hepatitis A and Norovirus have had significant impacts on consumer safety, confidence and trade. A recent example of this was the Hepatitis A scare in frozen berries and other fruits imported from Asia. Along with these outbreaks comes a significant increase in testing of imported foods. Increasingly the food types to be tested are expanding, from freshly frozen berries to other more processed foods and fatty food types. Foods that are highly pigmented and
contain large amounts of polyphenolic compounds, antioxidants, additives and other stabilizers present unique challenges in viral extraction and detection.

Project Description

​This research will focus on optimised extraction and clean-up protocols for difficult matrices including
fatty and highly pigmented foods. The research will also aim to improve detection levels and screen for
multiple viral species in a single test.

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology

Student Level

3rd Year, Honours, Masters, PhD



Port Melbourne (Vic)


Technical Development and Innovation


Katherine Stockham

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