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Indicative Project

Accurate nanoparticle sizing - the influence of size polydispersity

Background Info

​Nanomaterials such as nanoparticles find ever widening applications, for example in nanomedicine, energy generation and storage, smart buildings, environmental remediation and in an increasing number and variety of consumer products.

Nanoparticle properties such as particle size distribution, particle concentration and surface chemistry determine how such materials interact with their environment. These interactions in turn determine the particles’ efficacy as well as their fate and effect in the environment and in biological systems. Accurate measurements of the properties of nanomaterials are therefore critical so that industry, researchers, regulators and the community can understand the behaviour of these materials, develop novel applications and ensure that such developments are responsible, safe and sustainable.

NMI’s nanoparticle characterisation laboratory develops and maintains measurement tools, standards and expertise for nanomaterials. It provides a unique combination of state-of-the-art equipment including light scattering, microscopy, sedimentation, particle tracking, and fractionation instruments.

Project Description

​Quantify the influence of size polydispersity of nanoparticle suspensions on the particle size distribution
and average particle size measured in light scattering experiments.
Compare particle size measurement results obtained for different test suspensions using dynamic and
static light scattering and particle tracking analysis.

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Physics, Science

Student Level

3rd Year, Honours, Masters


3 months to 1 year


Lindfield (NSW)




Asa Jamting, Victoria Coleman

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