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National Measurement Institute

Indicative Project

Automated image analysis for optical, electron and atomic force microscopy

Background Info

​Nanotechnology relies on our ability to characterise, understand and manipulate matter at the nanometre scale. Microscopy is an indispensable tool for the characterisation of nanomaterials, and NMI uses optical, electron and atomic force microscopy techniques to determine a number of important properties of such materials, such as the particle size distribution and the agglomeration state.

In addition to the complexity (and associated high costs) of the required equipment, the use of microscopy for measuring the properties of particulate materials is also hampered by image analysis which is often cumbersome, laborious and slow (and therefore expensive). As a consequence, the number of particles analysed for a given sample may be limited, with undesirable consequences for the statistical relevance of the results. Therefore, even partial automation of image analysis has the potential to improve the accuracy of microscopy results and to reduce the associated costs.

Project Description

​Develop algorithms, macros and scripts to automate the work and data flow in the analysis of microscopy images.

Specifically, address challenges related to automated image analysis including normalisation, thresholding and binarisation of the images, segmentation, generation of appropriate statistics,
reporting and documentation, and data management.

Examples of Relevant Sudent Courses

Electrical Engineering, ICT, Nanotechnology, Physics, Science, Software Engineering

Student Level

3rd Year, Honours, Masters


3 months to 1 year


Lindfield (NSW)



Desirable Skills

Programming and software development skills; experience with ImageJ, Javascript, Java R


Victoria Coleman

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