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Travel Options for Londonderry

Photo of Londonderry Flow Facility 

Flow Measurement Facility
919 Londonderry Road
Londonderry, NSW 2753

T: +61 2 4777 5987


Street directory reference — Sydney UBD 124 F10
65 km north-west of the CBD and 75 km from the airport; free on-site parking

Car and taxi
Travel time from the CBD is 60 to 70 min, and from the airport is 80 to 90 min (taxi fare from the airport is approx $180 and a pre-booked shuttle bus is approx $110). 

Train (and taxi) from the airport
Follow the train signs to the AirportLink station. Purchase a ticket to Penrith, catch a train to Central then connect with a Western Suburbs train (see below).  

Train (and taxi) from the CBD
Catch a Western Suburbs train and alight at Penrith (travel time is about 60 min). Penrith to Londonderry is a 10 km taxi ride.