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National Measurement Institute

Pattern Approval Guidelines and Procedures

These guidelines and procedures are not mandatory but they may help you with your application for pattern approval.
NMI P 100 Guide to Carrying out a 6B/0 Analysis
  • DOC - 185 KB
  • PDF - 110.55 KB
6B/0 Calculation Spreadsheet for Use with NMI P 100
NMI P 101 Symbols for Units of Measurement
  • DOC - 122.5 KB
  • PDF - 82.63 KB
NMI P 104 Test Procedure for the Elimination of Rounding Error for Weighing Instruments with Digital Indication
NMI P 105 Pattern Approval Specifications for the Graduation of Analogue Scales
NMI P 106 Approval and Certification Procedures for Measuring Instruments Suitable for Use for Trade and any Other Legal Purpose
  • DOC - 671.5 KB
  • PDF - 629.2 KB
NMI P 107 Calculations for Suitability of Load Cells Fitted to Belt Weighers
  • DOC - 194 KB
  • PDF - 107.09 KB
NMI P 108 Procedure Manual for the Pattern Approval of Non-automatic Weighing Instruments
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