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Chemical Proficiency Testing

Chemical Proficiency Testing programNMI's Chemical Proficiency Testing Laboratory will independently assess laboratory test methods and quality assurance programs and provide independent evidence of the validity of your measurements. We are accredited by NATA and comply with ISO 17043 (2010) Conformity Assessment – General Requirements for Proficiency Testing.

To register your interest in one of our 2019 studies, please fill in and submit an on-line registration form.

View details of our gas proficiency testing capabilities and for more information contact or tel: +61 2 9449 0149.

Details of our Program

OurStudy Protocol |explains how the program operates, but basically:

  • test samples are prepared, homogenised and characterised by NMI
  • selected analytes are measured using reference methods, providing an assigned value traceable to the International System of Units
  • results returned by participants are collated, statistically analysed and interpreted (data analysis and scoring of participants is described in ourStatistical Manual |).
  • a report is prepared and distributed to participants and regulatory bodies.

We aim:

  • to provide testing laboratories with a tool to improve the accuracy and traceability of their chemical measurements
  • to provide Australian chemical testing laboratories and the national laboratory accreditation body, NATA, with information on the current 'state of the practice' in each area of analysis
  • to evaluate laboratory capability, and encourage improvements in laboratory methods and performance from 'state of the practice' to 'fit for purpose'
  • to enable participating laboratories to assess their performance relative to domestic and international peer laboratories and hence to improve the comparability of results between laboratories and between countries
  • to develop and promote a 'fit for purpose' and affordable metrological approach to proficiency testing
  • to provide practical advice and support to laboratories regarding traceability of chemical measurements and estimation of measurement uncertainties.

View our:

Reference Materials for Quality Control and Method Validation

Chemical reference materialsWe have surplus test samples from our program which are available for purchase.

All samples are homogeneous and have been well characterised. However they have not been produced or certified in strict accordance with ISO Guides 30 to 35 and so are not certified reference materials; in particular, long-term storage stability has not been assessed. The samples are suitable for quality control and method validation.

View details of the test samples available from our proficiency study reports or contact for more information.