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National Measurement Institute

Public Consultation

This section provides opportunities for interested business owners, individuals, representatives of an industry association or a not-for-profit organisation to contribute to Australia’s measurement system. Here you can have your say on national measurement policies and regulations which will assist us to review and develop policies and regulations that may affect you.

Legal Metrology Policy Review

We recently conducted a legal metrology policy review to assess how the current measurement system best serves the needs of Australian business, consumers and governments.  Please view the submissions from the respondents

Current consultations

NMI is committed to ongoing, open and transparent consultation as part of our processes for developing new policy and reviewing existing policies. You will find some current public consultations for both individuals and businesses on the consultation hub.  Consultations regarding review and development of OIML standards are provided below. 



View our previous consultations.

If you would like to be notified of NMI policies and issues under consideration and opportunities to have your say on them, as soon as they are made public, please email

Why We Are Consulting

NMI is dedicated to ensuring that the Australian community has the best opportunity to contribute to the development and review of policies that shape the development and review of policies that shape Australia's Measurement System.

NMI undertakes two broad forms of consultations in relation to regulation development and review:

  • Consultation papers on national issues, including the adoption of international standards and proposed regulatory reforms.
  • Requests for comments on the development of international standards.

Through public participation in the consultation processes NMI can identify the appropriateness and level of support for various options regarding the design and implementation of new policies and regulations. It also provides us with ways to test whether existing policies and regulations are still fit-for-purpose.

Submissions enable NMI to gauge what people think about current proposals which shape the metrological framework and support the Australian economy.

Submissions can contain comments on matters raised in the Consultation Papers, or might discuss anything relevant to the topic under review. Anyone is welcome to make a submission.

Have your say

NMI accepts submissions in several ways; either in hard copy that can be faxed or posted, via email or via the consultation hub  enabling as many people as possible to contribute to policy development.

Submissions may be on behalf of individuals or groups. All submissions will be published on this website unless you specifically identify material that you believe should be kept confidential due to commercial or other reasons. NMI will keep material identified as confidential as per Australian privacy laws.

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