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National Measurement Institute

Legal Metrology

Legal metrology comprises all measurements carried out for any legal purpose and includes measurements that are subject to regulation by law or government decree. It has its historical origins in the need to ensure fair trade, but also includes measurements in areas such as health and safety.

Under the national measurement legislation, evidential breath alcohol analysers, lidars, radars and speed cameras are classified as legal measuring instruments. The use of these instruments is not mandated by the national measurement legislation, as these instruments are operated under State and Territory laws. To read more, visit our breath alcohol analysers and speed measuring instruments information page.

NMI is responsible for developing and harmonising legal metrology at a national, international and regional level. To achieve this, NMI is committed to effective consultation and we invite you to participate in the consultative process.

Click here for details of some of our recent consultations.

Legal Metrology Policy Review

We recently conducted a legal metrology policy review to assess how the current measurement system best serves the needs of Australian business, consumers and governments.  Please view the submissions from the respondents.

National Framework

The national measurement system is a coherent formal system which ensures that measurements can be made on a consistent basis throughout the country. To support the needs of the national measurement system, NMI:

NMI also runs seminars for legal metrology officers.

International Framework

NMI represents Australia at the International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML), an intergovernmental organisation dedicated to harmonising legal metrology procedures. Click here for details of NMI's involvement in OIML activities.

Regional Framework

The Asia–Pacific Legal Metrology Forum (APLMF) was established in 1994 to develop legal metrology and the promotion of free and open trade in the Asia Pacific. NMI (representing Australia) provided the presidency and secretariat from then until 2002. Membership consists of twenty full member and six corresponding member economies. NMI currently has membership on the executive committee and chairs the working group on training.

For further information, contact or tel: 1300 686 664.