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Australian Government: National Measurement InstituteAustralian Government: National Measurement Institute
National Measurement Institute

International Metrology

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NMI is at the interface between the national and international measurement systems. (Internationally NMI is known as the National Measurement Institute, Australia or NMIA.) Click on the links below for more information on:

Did you know that NMI participates in global efforts to address measurement issues in areas such as climate change, food safety, drugs in sport, nanotechnology and biotechnology?

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What’s up Internationally?

In October 2010, NMI's inaugural CEO, Dr Barry Inglis, became the 15th president of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM). He succeeded Prof Ernst Göbel of PTB, Germany and is the first Australian to achieve this honour since the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875 and only the second non-European. CIPM is the peak international expert advisory body under the Metre Convention. Its members have included five Nobel Prize winners, including Louis de Broglie, AA Michelson and Pieter Zeeman.

Barry Inglis and Ernst Göbel

In August 2010, NMI signed a memorandum of understanding with China's National Institute of Metrology at Shanghai World Expo 2010. The memorandum of understanding will see experts from both countries work together on research in physics, biology and chemistry.

Science and Technology Partner

NMI is part of the international scientific community of metrology and is actively involved in research and development collaborations with international partners. NMI has memoranda of understanding with a number of other national metrology institutes in Asia, Europe and America as well as joint research activities with other specialist institutes and universities overseas.

Did you know that?

NMI is part of the international effort to redefine the kilogram? Read more about the Avogadro Project.


NMI is developing a new calculable capacitor (through a research collaboration with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) that will provide an improved standard of capacitance and enable a realisation of the ohm (the standard of resistance) with a lower uncertainty than has been achieved before.


NMI is a member of the OECD Chemicals Committee Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials.



I’m from outside Australia – how can I work with NMI?
NMI provides opportunities for suitable applicants to contribute to its activities through scientific secondments, student placements and traineeships.

Is there a database listing measurement capabilities of national metrology institutes around the world?
Yes. The international key comparison database lists the calibration and measurement capabilities of national metrology institutes.

Why is it so important for Australia to have international confidence in our measurement system?
Click here for more information on international confidence in our measurement system


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